Strapi and Vue.JS


Strapi is an open source Headless CMS written in Node.JS. The software is still in Beta. It’s not really ready for prime time. It works, sure, but it has bugs. I would not recommend it for something large yet. At the time of writing they are on version 3.0.0 Beta 18.7. Strapi helps in building out an API, that you can use to feed data to your app, or website. For example, you can create specific pieces of you database through the admin, however, there is not frontend. That is because it is headless.


Vue.js is considered to be the progressive javaScript framework. It is a frontend framework for building websites. It is very small once compiled into production, ~20KB. This is however a very powerful frontend. You can extend it as well, with the many plugins available for you. There is even a static site generator called called VuePress. You do not even need a backend to create websites with this. This makes things very fast, especially with Nginx serving your pages with it.


You can use Vue.js alone with VuePress and have a super fast website. If you need more dynamic content, for example, comments, Strapi is great for the backend. Using them together allows for a fast website experience. Definitely worth looking into if you are a developer.

This article was updated on November 8, 2020

Joshua Pack

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