A Good CMS

I have been trying to find a good CMS, that doesn't require a lot of work to create a post, or design the website. WordPress is great, however, there are security issues. If you install a plugin or theme, vulnerabilities can be found and your website hacked or defaced. You must constantly update the website. This is why a static site shines.

There are other reason why a static site is better. For example, you do not have to worry about PHP, or any other language, processing, using up valuable CPU resources. PHP7.4 is amazingly fast, especially compared to the PHP5.x days, but it can not be faster then static content. Usually connections to the database will cause a website to run slow as well. So, a statically generated website doesn't need a database, nor does it need to process through anything on the server side.

Why Publii?

This website (Punica Studios) is usually a testing ground, since a lot of the content is simple and it allows me to test many CMSs with different styling. As much as I like Strapi and VueJS, it required running Strapi on the server with Node. Adding content or changing the page up took a bunch of work, and there wasn't anything I really liked, out of the box, except for maybe being able to add posts to the website from anywhere.

Publii has a WYSIWYG and block editor. Also, for more advanced people who love markdown, it has that too! Out of the box has Open Graph Support, AMP, sitemap, file compression, structured data markup and metatags. It also has Disqus built in for commenting.

What's Missing?

One thing I wish it had, was a way to run this on the server side, so, I can update the blog wherever I am, instead of having to use the computer I have the program installed on. Another thing is creating a Single Page App(SPA) which would allow for the website to load much quicker, without having to recall all the assets on the page, but just grab the changes instead. Something VueJS does well.

Try Publii!

Go to and download the application. You will run it on either Windows, Mac, or Linux. You can then publish on your own server, or use Netlify! I have my own servers, which allows me to test different types of CMSs, but Netlify is free and I highly recommend it.

As always, you can also purchase hosting through Hightek Designs. Starting at $3.99/mo. This will allow for you to setup whatever you want!

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This article was updated on March 24, 2021

Joshua Pack

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